Here at Deep Roots Birth and Wellness, we view pregnancy and childbirth as physiologically normal and healthy processes.

We are guides along a pregnancy and childbirth path that is well-travelled.

You make decisions along that path, based on true informed-consent care, that are right for your unique body and birthing experience.

We provide care that is well-rounded, family-centered, based on respectful relationship, framed with informed-consent, integrated with health and prenatal education, and continuity of care.

Our goal is to address the whole woman, emphasizing physical health as well as mental, emotional, spiritual, and social well-being.

Consider us your personal health coaches that you hire to prepare you for the biggest physical event of your life. You wouldn’t run a marathon without preparing and training for it. We’re here to partner with you to be as healthy and prepared as possible throughout your pregnancy, through labor and delivery, and in your postpartum time.

The care model we use is unrushed, personalized, and thoughtful. This allows us to know you well and love you through every stage of womanhood.


Midwifery care for the prenatal, labor, birth, and postpartum period. Includes prenatal group care, childbirth and breastfeeding classes, doula support, waterbirth option, and extended postpartum care through the first year after birth.


21 months total: prenatal care, labor, birth, postpartum to 12 months after birth, and newborn care to 28 days


$6000 / $6400 for first time parents

$500 discount given if paid with cash or check in full by 36 weeks

$400 discount given for first time parents upon completion of a childbirth education course (we have a favorite, Pain Free Birth, ask us for a discount code for it)

Schedule a free in person consult with us at our location in Kalona

Prenatal Care

A la carte

Prenatal care is part of our homebirth package but if you are planning a hospital birth and want the benefits of midwifery care we offer an a la carte option.


4-28 weeks every 4 weeks

28-36 weeks every 2 weeks

At 36 weeks you will transfer to hospital-based care


$ varies due to point of entry

Postpartum and Newborn Care

A la carte

Postpartum and newborn care to 28 days is part of our homebirth package but if you are planning a hospital birth and want the benefits of midwifery care we offer an a la carte option.


Days 3 and 7 at your home

Weeks 2, 4, 6 at your home

Months 3, 6, 9 at our office


$ varies due to point of entry

Other Healthcare Services

IV Infusion Therapy

60 minute visit: Your choices: mood stabilizing, brain function, joint health, immune system health, boost energy levels, improve athletic performance, improve and enhance skin and hair health.

More info
Time and Value

60-120 minute visit: $100+ varies on choice of infusion

Pre-Conception Care / Fertility

2 hour visit: Choose this option to create a healthcare plan for your future pregnancy whether it’s your first or your fifth. Growing a whole new human being takes a lot of nutrients from your body! Learn how to prepare and get in optimal health before you conceive. Perhaps you’re between pregnancies and know that the last one took a lot out of you, we’re here to be your wellness coach and help in the restoration of your health.

Lab tests are an additional fee.

Time and Value

2 hour visit: $250

Lab tests are an additional fee.

Women’s Health Consult

2 hour visit: Choose this option to establish care and create healthy lifestyle goals. This is not your typical 20-minute well woman or gyn appointment. We’re going to listen to all your concerns. Click through the “More info” button to learn about our philosophy of empowered health care.

Lab tests are an additional fee and dependent upon the labs that we decide together are most suitable for your health concerns.

Time and Value

2 hour visit: $250

Lab tests are an additional fee.

Optimal Health Membership Subscription

Direct primary care (DPC) is a healthcare model in which clients subscribe to a membership giving them unlimited access to certain primary care services and, in the case of Deep Roots Birth and Wellness, the specific addition of women’s health challenges and looking at the whole person. It’s affordable and convenient. DPC puts the person first, it’s better care at a fraction of the cost of conventional healthcare under the insurance model.

Girl’s Sports Physicals

We offer two versions:

Sports physical for athletics.

Sports physical for athletics plus education on nutrition and the menstrual cycle.

Time and Value

30-minute sports physical: $25

60-minute sports physical plus education: $50

What if you could have had good information from the start…

Do you want to give your daughters the information on hormones you never received?

In The Cycle Show they will learn to work with their body, to appreciate it, and give it love instead of hating and suppressing their femininity.

The Cycle Show

A workshop for girls 9-13 years old

“The Cycle Show is an educational, interactive, multi-media, fertility awareness workshop for young girls. It is a desirable addition to the standard reproductive health education given in schools; its aim is to equip young girls with the knowledge of what is going on inside their bodies in relation to puberty. This knowledge then supports and prepares them in a positive way for the wonderful changes they will experience within their bodies over the coming years.” ~The Cycle Show

“Today it is more important than ever for young girls to have high self-esteem regarding their bodies, not just when they are in the middle of puberty, but before the onset. The beginning of sexual maturation is the ideal time for girls to learn about and appreciate all the amazing changes that are taking place within their bodies. Participation in the Cycle Show gives girls a healthy respect for their bodies and helps to protect them as they move into their teenage years.” ~The Cycle Show

Interested? Send us a message and we’ll work at getting it on the calendar.


Date To Be Determined



Cash Pay Option

  • Women’s Health Consult, New Client Establish Care – 2 hours $250
  • Office Visit, Established Client – 1 hour $180
  • Telephone Consult, Established Client – up to 30 minutes $135
  • Email Consult, Established Client – up to 20 minutes $50
  • Annual Physical Exam, Established Client – $250
  • Lab test only -$15 plus specific test fees
  • No calls, texts, emails responded to outside of business hours Monday-Friday 9am-5pm (Not because we don’t care but for our own mental, emotional, physical, and spiritual health. Our families and friends need us fully present with them.)