Payment and Insurance

The fee for homebirth services is $6000. This is a global fee which means that the fee is the same for the prenatal care, birth, postpartum care, and newborn care no matter at what point you enter care with Deep Roots Birth and Wellness.

For first time parents the fee is $6400. Why? We feel strongly that completing a thorough childbirth education course is key to having a positive experience. Knowledge builds confidence. Childbirth education costs just like any education does. First time parents may not understand the value of childbirth education and how it can make such a big difference in the experience. We have seen first hand, many times, the difference it makes in how long a labor is, how well the mother is coping, and how smoothly labor, delivery, postpartum, and breastfeeding go. Thus, we are are financially incentivizing first-time parents to make the investment. Upon evidence of completion of a course first-time parents receive a $400 discount. We have a couple of favorite courses: Pain Free Birth and Christian Hypnobirthing. We have a discount code for Pain Free Birth and Christian Hypnobirthing often has sales for their course and/or their app.

A $500 deposit is due at your first appointment with us. A $500 discount is offered for those who pay with cash or check by 36 weeks making the total $5500.

We offer a payment plan for those unable to pay the full amount by 36 weeks. One-half of the fee ($3000) is due at 36 weeks to utilize the payment schedule. Monthly payments of at a minimum of $500 are due each month in the postpartum period allowing you an additional 6 months to pay the full balance.


We will provide a “superbill” of services with the appropriate codes after the 6-week postpartum visit. This document can be submitted to your insurance company which may reimburse you for your bill. We can’t tell you what your company or plan will cover or not, each one is different.

You will want to check what your insurance deductible is for prenatal care, labor, birth, postpartum care, newborn care. Many times, the deductible is higher than what a cash homebirth is, don’t assume that because you have “good” insurance that you won’t have large bills when all is said and done.

Medical Co-ops and Health Ministries

Most of these cover homebirth costs. If you are planning to switch to one of these services, do it before you get pregnant because pregnancy is considered a “preexisting condition”. The fee for midwifery homebirth care is due on the schedule fee timeline regardless of when the ministry reimburses, be in contact with your ministry service early.

Affordable Strategies

  • Use the early payment discount and save $500
  • Use the payment plan option and spread it out over several months
  • Expecting a tax refund? Save it for your fee
  • Gifts: do you have an overly generous relative? Ask for contributing towards your homebirth rather than expensive baby gear you may or may not need/use
  • Have something of value just sitting around unused? Sell it to offset the fee
  • Commit to living on less, tighten up your spending: cut the cable, cut eating out, forego a luxury or regular splurge
  • We are open to barter if you have something of value to offer so don’t be afraid to ask


Birth is the moment when you meet your precious baby, the newest member to your family, a person you will love and care for the entirety of life. It is a beautiful, transformative process. The whole world changes in your eyes, everything shifts, what was once important no longer is and what you didn’t care about before now suddenly becomes significant. The birth of your children truly is something you can’t express or explain until you’ve experienced it–much like trying to take a photo of a mountain, a Redwood tree, a beautiful sunrise… a picture doesn’t do justice.

A worthy analogy is that of a wedding day. You commit, dream, imagine, plan, and prepare for a momentous event. It is an unforgettable day that provides beautiful memories and photos to remember with forever. The birth of your child is even more meaningful and momentous. It’s a transformative experience and it sets the stage for your health, well-being, setting the tone for confidence and empowerment in caring for your baby and starting your parenting journey. Much more so than a wedding does for a marriage. Families who desire the benefits of the homebirth experience (to have the experience of feeling like a healthy, strong, supported person and family for the entire time of midwifery care) will find creative ways to make it work financially.

Sliding Fee

You may qualify for our sliding feel scale. Ask us about it!

  • Does not have private insurance
  • Is exempt from Social Security and Medicaid due to Form 4029
  • Will submit a copy of most recent tax return to determine place on the sliding fee scale